What is the Using English Training Program?

Using English is an Online Training Program made up of audio and video materials for intermediate to advanced speakers of English as a foreign language to improve English conversational and written skills.

Access is by subscription only!

When does the training program start?

You will receive the first set of lessons on the 28.11.2016.

What do I get when I enroll?

From the 21.11.2016-27.11.2016 we will open for enrollment. During this time, while students are enrolling the training program, I have made a manual to use the course.

This manual is the first section, and it includes:

  • my e-book 168 idioms
  • Video lesson how to complete the listening task + tips for listening
  • Video lesson how to complete the Writing skills task + tips for writing
  • Video lesson how to complete the Speaking skills + tips for speaking
  • Video lesson how to use phrases and expression we will be learning

On the first Monday (the 28.11.2016), you will get

  • a reading task
  • a listening task
  • a writing task
  • a speaking task

Likewise, every Monday you will receive a new set of lessons. So, new lesson will be posted on the:



19.12.2016 … and so on

What do I need to access the program?

  • Pay the subscription fee
  • Have access to a stable internet connection
  • Have access to a laptop, mobile or computer.

What does it mean to be a V.I.P. Member?

Being a V.I.P. member is a privilege, and this privilege will only available from the 21.11.2016-27.11.2016. Don’t miss out on this chance; this will be only available once!

As a V.I.P. Member you will get the following benefits:

  • a free copy of my e-book 168 idioms explained+ exercises with answers
  • a 15 minute skype call with me to test you English level
  • Low monthly price. 15/month only for V.I.P. members. Regular price will be $25 after the 28.11.2016!
  • Fixed price, unless you stop your subscription. So, that means regardless when prices increase (and they will increase) you will always pay 15/month, unless you cancel your subscription!
  • over $200 added value

What do I need to do to be a V.I.P. Member?

Enroll in the course in-between the 21.11.2016-27.11.2016.

This price will not be available again, don’t miss out!

What does my subscription include?

This subscription gets you access to the Using English training program.

In the Using English training program we will be going through Topics which will be chosen based on trending topics in the media, and active topics in the world. Here, Adriana will do what she does best, motivate you and immerse you in the English language, to enable to you use and communicate in English

What is the difference between a course and the Using English training program?

Think of this like going to the gym trying to lose weight. If you go to the gym to work out, but you don’t stick to a diet, it will be very hard to get fit and lose weight.

The same is with learning a language. If you attend a language course, and use your English only while you are in the course, but never outside of the course, it will be difficult for you to develop, use and become proficient in English.

In the Using English training program, we will be working on your analytical skills, building your confidence to use English (both in written and spoken form), challenging you each week with new topics, and giving you the skills necessary to live abroad, surf the internet, understand academic literature, or pass an English test!

Why would I want to join the Using English training program?

Not only will you be sent new lessons every Monday, with writing and speaking tasks, but we are creating a community for you to be able to be immersed in English!

By joining the Training Program, you’ll have access to the private Using English Facebook group. Here, you can ask questions about the English language and culture, and find a language partner who is also using these techniques. There will be challenges posted to the group: an opportunity to practice your English!

Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to interact with Adriana weekly through live lessons! Here Adriana will be answers your chat questions. All live classes will be saved in the training program to be watched an unlimited number of times.

How does the billing work?

This is a monthly subscription and your credit card (used to enroll) will be charged monthly.