How will you learn?

Together we believe that learning English should be fun, interactive and time efficient. …as a member you will drastically improve your confidence speaking in English following these 5 easy daily steps

Step 1: Complete daily self-study lesson sets as part of The #UsingEnglishTP Program

Every Monday a new lesson set is posted in our classroom. Every week we focus on a new topic in the media through the lesson sets. Through video, MP3 and PDF lessons we analyse grammar, vocabulary and phrases to help you speak about these topics in English. These lessons should take you a maximum of 30 minutes to complete to enable you to learn English just a native English speaker!

Step 2: Complete self-study courses

Members get instant access to my grammar, phrasal verb, pronunciation and advanced communication courses, all in video, MP3, quizzes and audio format. These courses will help you better understand the essential basics of the English language to interact in our online community.

Step 3: Join daily discussions in our Whats App Group

Meet and connect with our world-wide community of English speakers in our Whats App Group. Members are from all over the world, and you can start and join discussions at any time of the day! This is a place for you to immerse and surround yourself with the English language, to help you overcome your fear of speaking in English

Step 4: Complete Daily Speaking Challenges

Get feedback on your speaking skills, use of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation from a native English teacher by completing the daily speaking challenge. Speaking challenges are posted from Monday- Friday to help you remember and use what you learn through the lesson sets. Record yourself answering the question, post your recording on Instagram and you will get feedback from Adriana (your English teacher)

Step 5: Join Daily Group Calls with a native English speaker

Overcome you fear of speaking in English by joining daily group calls in our classroom. Connect with other English speakers in daily group calls (from Monday-Friday) hosted by a native English teacher. These group calls are an opportunity to meet other English speakers in real time, ask questions and start discussions based on that weeks lesson set.

Meet your teachers

Learn with native English teachers with years of online teaching experience
Adriana Lukic

Adriana Lukić

Teacher and Content Creator

Adriana is a native English teacher from Australia. She is the founder and creator of The #UsingEnglishTP training method and believes in learning English in less than 30 minutes a day in fun, interactive online communities, where students can connect and speak in English. Adriana creates weekly lesson sets, clear learning plans and starts discussions to help students overcome their fear of speaking in English.

Joe Crossman

Joe Crossman

Teacher and Content Creator

Joe is a Native English Teacher from Canada. Joe teaches English to foreign students at a university in Canada. He enjoys helping people improve their English and having fun at the same time. Joe creates fun, interactive weekly lessons in our Whats App Speaking classroom for you to complete that you do not find in textbooks, this English is more like what people say in real life!

Renata Englsih

Renata Majdandzic

Teacher and Community Manager

Renata is a Native English Teacher from Melbourne Australia. Renata believes that the only way to improve your English is to be using it on a regular basis. Renata hosts our daily group calls in our Whats App Speaking Club, starts and participates in discussions in our classrooms and supports you on your English learning journey

What students say...

Students drastically improve their confidence speaking in English using the principles taught in #UsingEnglishTP . Read there stories below


from Brazil

"The WhatsApp Speaking Club has helped me in many ways to improve my English speaking skills. In the club, you get to know new people, make friends from different countries, and it is an opportunity to practice my English on a daily basis… the feedback from our teachers really helps us to improve on our mistakes.

…at the end of each week, we have the feeling of achievement completing all the speaking challenges. The course content regarding pronunciation and grammar is really useful, its a great online course!"



from Vietnam

"The teachers and students always motivate me to learn English and never let me down…now I can speak and write a lot better , I can write and speak English more fluently which I couldn’t do before….finally I have found a club where I can improve my speaking skills every day with people from all over the world… I’m not only learning English but learning about other people and cultures .
By completing the lessons, you will see with consistency day-by-day you will improve your fluency!"


from Sudan

“It has been almost one month since I have enrolled in The Whats App Speaking Club, Honestly what I have learnt is more than what I expected, and their methodology is really useful if you are a serious learner. Above all is their patience and sophistication that our teacher @renataenglish has shown us during the group calls
I strongly advise everyone who’s willing to improve his / her English in a short period of time to join to us in The Whats App Speaking Club