#UsingEnglishTP is the EASIEST PATH to ENGLISH FLUENCY that you’ll find on the internet! You’re not just being handed lessons and expected to get on with it. #UsingEnglishTP members get this incredible support

learn REAL English

every week we focus on a new and relevant topic in the media. By completing the weekly tasks, you will see real English being used, immerse yourself in English and learn English the NATURAL way.... just as native English speakers do!

High Quality lessons

the lessons are carefully crafted to cover all areas of English learning and development. They focus on all skills, reading, writing, speaking and listening. Using the both the most modern and interactive methods on the internet!

Join group calls!

Members get access to 2 group calls hosted by Adriana. This is an opportunity for you to meet you teacher, get the support you need and most importantly SPEAK in English! Members also organise group calls, so you could be speaking EVERYDAY in English :)

Skype speaking partner

members have the opportunity to connect with other students from ALL over the world! If you cannot join our group calls, that is OK! You can speak with your Skype speaking partner and discuss that weeks lesson topic.... or just simply have a casual chat with your partner ;)

Support you NEED

Not only do members get NEW LESSONS every Monday, but they also get support! Adriana will motivate you, guide you, connect you with other learners to ensure that you are doing the daily things to immerse yourself in English and connecting with our online community.

Access to our private Facebook group

Members get access to our safe, friendly and secure Facebook group! This is the place where you can ask your questions, get help from other students and support each other. Members have the opportunity to create events and connect on a deeper level in our safe group!

Weekly FB LIVE Lessons

Members get access to our weekly structured live lessons in our secret Facebook group. Here, Adriana is live on camera answering ALL of your questions in real time. Topics include: grammar, speaking skills, communication skills and much more. ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED IN REAL TIME!

Improve your listening skills

Every Monday members receive a MP3 downloadable conversation between 2 native English speakers. This essential listening practice comes with a quiz and a transcript to enable members to test their knowledge and improve their pronunciation.

reading practice

Every Monday members receive a text to read. This text is an introduction into that weeks topic, and enables students to gain an understanding of the topic and learn new expressions for the week. The reading task comes with a quiz to enable members to test their reading skills!

Weekly Video Lessons

Every Monday members receive a downloadable video lesson teaching and explaining new expressions, vocabulary and grammar from the reading task. This video lesson is designed to enhance your vocabulary so that you can master that weeks topic.

Learn like a native

ALL the materials developed are the same tactics native English speakers use to develop their English. You will be learning like a native, completing tasks, and most importantly SPEAKING in English to improve your Fluency!

Get weekly lessons sent straight to your email!

#UsingEnglishTP is for ….

Those wanting to speak in English

Those who want to study from home

Those who want to pass IELTS/TOEFL

Those who want to learn at their own pace

You can do the program from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and on your schedule.

Each lesson is designed to help you improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills! All materials are downloadable, in MP3, video, PDF format

The entire course is digital so as long as you have an internet connection you are good to go…..and you’ll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule. 

What #UsingEnglishTP members are saying:

Iryna (Business Analyst

Iryna (Business Analyst

Native Language: Russian

"#UsingEnglishTP helps me to be disciplined in learning English. I can strongly recommend this program for everybody who wants to learn English with a native speaker on a regular basis. However everyone should understand that learning English is a hard self-study, Adriana just shows you the way to make it easier.."

KJ (Backpacker + YouTuber)

KJ (Backpacker + YouTuber)

Native Language: Chinese

"After joining #UsingEnglishTP, I think that learning English is so interesting, because I know how to learn English in an efficient way, and when I used English to talk with native speaker that I felt more confident than before. In each class I can improve my listening, writing, speaking and reading skills"



Native Language: Chinese

"#UsingEnglishTP is not like other online English program, because we are really using English, not just taking online lessons. The topics of this program are interesting, diverse, also covered holistic of English learning (reading writing listening and speaking). I would like to recommend everyone join our program and improve together! "

Feng (University Professor)

Feng (University Professor)

Native Language: Chinese

"#UsingEnglishTP is a NEW experience to learn English because it provides me many different ways to practice my speaking, writing, reading and listening abilities. Here I also meet many friends from different countries. We learn together and make progress together. Fortunately, I never regret to join #UsingEnglishTP. "



Native Language: Korean

"As a member, I have a weekly plan to study #UsingEnglihTP. The program has many resources to study every week. My writing is better than when I first, and my speaking skills are getting better. The program is really for me to improve my English, because every day and every week, it makes me listen, read, speak and write in English! #UsingEnglishTP has been an important part of my English learning development; the program can make me to practice steadily and consistently. "



Native Language: Chinese

"#UsingEnglishTP lessons are fun and interesting! We get chances to connect with Adriana and the rest of the members through two weekly Google Hangout and find out a lot of interesting things about the cultures and holidays from many different parts of the world. We also get a chance to find English speaking partners in which we can connect through Skype and talk about anything that we want to. So, please do come and join us! Can't wait to get to know you! See you inside "