Below you will find some common questions asked about the online classroom #UsingEnglsihTP

What is #UsingEnglishTP ?

#UsingEnglishTP online classroom and community connecting English learners from ALL over the world to speak in English and improve their English fluency! 

It is a step-by-step training program and community where I’ll teach you my highly effective Language learning tricks, so you can stop being frustrated with your level of English, and start speaking English with confidence.

You will be able to communicate with other English Speakers, get the promotion/job you want, enroll in the University you want and even understand movies without subtitles! 

What do I need to access the program? 

You need to start your 7 day trial to get access to the program.  You will need to have purchased a subscription, have access to a stable internet connection, have access to a laptop, mobile or computer and have a gmail account. Click here to start your 7 day trial

Will I get access to the whole program during my trial period for ONLY $1.00 USD?  

YES! You will be given access to that weeks lesson set in our virtual classroom and you will be given access to our Secret Facebook Group. 

This trial is designed to help you better understand how the #UsingEnglishTP classroom functions, how you can learn and interact with our community.

This 7 day trial is completely risk free!  If you have ANY issues during this period, I am more than happy to give you a FULL REFUND!  You can read all about it in the terms and conditions

How can I pay the enrollment fee?

You can pay the fee by clicking here.  Currently you can join using PayPal.

Are there any risks in joining?

NO RISKS! If you are not happy within the first 7 days, you will get A FULL REFUND!

When does the training program start? 

We have already started and are learning together!  Join us by start your 7 risk free trial here

What does my subscription include? 

This subscription gets you access to the #UsingEnglishTP virtual classroom which includes the following:

✔ Access to weekly new lessons (reading task, listening task, video lesson + more)

✔ Access to Secret Facebook Group

✔ Invites to 2 weekly Google hangout group calls, where you will practice your speaking skills and connect with me and other members.

✔ Opportunity to find a Skype speaking partner in our Secret Facebook Group

✔ Invite to Weekly live Lessons in our Secret Facebook Group

As a #UsingEnglishTP member, you will receive new lessons every Monday on a new topic.  These lessons have been carefully crafted by topic, to enable you to learn new vocabulary, expressions, applied grammar.

From these lessons you will interact with us in our Secret Facebook Group, where you will expand on your knowledge by speaking with friends and connecting with other members via Skype calls

Click here to join our private community

What is the difference between a course and #UsingEnglishTP? 

Think of this like going to the gym trying to lose weight. If you go to the gym to work out, but you don’t stick to a diet, it will be very hard to get fit and lose weight. The same is with learning a language. If you attend a language course, and use your English only while you are in the course, but never outside of the course, it will be difficult for you to develop, use and become proficient in English.

In #UsingEnglishTP, we will be practicing constantly, building your confidence to use English (both in written and spoken form), challenging you each week with new topics, and giving you the skills necessary to live abroad, surf the internet, understand academic literature, or pass an English test!

Why would I want to join #UsingEnglishTP? 

Not only will you be sent new lessons every Monday, we are creating a community for you to be able to be immersed in English!   Rather than just being given lessons and being left to get on with it, you will have your own personal tutor and community to keep you motivated, practice your speaking with and get feedback from.

By joining #UsingEnglishTP, you’ll have access to the private #UsingEnglishTP Facebook group. Here, you can ask questions about the English language and culture, and find a language partner who is also using these techniques.

There will be challenges posted to the group: an opportunity to practice your English!

Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to interact with me weekly through live lessons! Here I will be answers your chat questions. All live classes will be saved to be watched an unlimited number of times.

What if I am unhappy with #UsingEnglishTP? 

There is 0% risk in joining #UsingEnglishTP. How? I offer a 7 day refund if for any reason you are unhappy with the training!  If for some reason you are not happy, you will get a FULL REFUND! 

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact me as soon as you are experiencing problems. Before a refund is issued, it is important for me to know that you have tried to complete the tasks and attempted to make use of the training program!

Start your risk free trial here

How does the billing work? 

This is a monthly subscription and your credit card (used to enroll) will be charged monthly. So, at the price you enroll at, that is how much you will be paying every month! Whatever price you enroll at, you will be charged that price the next month. Regardless of whether prices go up!

Have any questions about #UsingEnglishTP? Send me a message at